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Shared libraries

I've gotten almost all of the headaches subdued
on the axis-83. I'm running an application that
basically is a translator from some legacy rs232
equipment to ethernet. Using pthreads to break
the job up in managable portions. It's running,
solidly, but very slow. The first iteration of
this same code runs on a Rabbit BL2500 (a mega
8 bit machine). Average turnaround time for one
packet (UDP) is 120ms. Running basically the same
code on the Axis, one packet response time is
325ms. (In both, this is the average over 1000
requests). All this while nothing else is going
on in the program.

The question is, can anybody point me to some sort
of tutorial on scheduling of threads? The only
ones I can find relate to mutex & semaphores,
basically. Can I control the processor usage of

Hope someone has an answer.

Frank Brown
Phoenix Consulting
for Emerson Climate Technology