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Re: Gphoto2 using pkg-config during configure libgphoto2 not recognized

Nathan.Smith@xxxxxxx.gov wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm getting closer to being able to get gphoto2 to compile for Axis 82.
> However the ligbphoto2 libraries that you all helped me build are not
> being recognized by the configure. I think it is because the configure
> finds pkg-config (for my host) and tries to use it. The line that fails
> is the one where it says -lgphoto2, which I've seen before as standard
> notation for using a library. I just do not know how to get -lgphoto2 to
> be recognized as the one I've compiled for the Axis. I guess since
> libgphoto did not come with the dev kit it needs to be added somewhere.
> Any hints as to where? Plus, how can I get it to quit using
> pkg-config... or is there an equivalent for the Axis I can point it
> to... Also, GP_CFLAGS is incorrect... Basically I think it's finding the
> libgphoto2 libs built for my host. Thanks for any tips

(From gphoto's './configure --help'.)


This should allow you to point out where your libgphoto lives (or just 
copy libgphoto to target/cris-axis-linux-gnu and specify that as the 

And to get rid of pkgconfig:


(Not tested or anything.)

Orjan Friberg
Axis Communications