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Re: Serial port ttys0 and ttys2

On Thu, Aug 12, 2004 at 07:45:33PM +0200, Philippe Frossard wrote:
> How to disable this feature ?
> The make kernel need SER0, SER1, SER2 or SER3 !

Oh, OK, I'm sorry. After having a look at the code I don't think it 
matters what it's set to.  It should only be used by the rescue code 
that is executed before the kernel starts up. So it shouldn't 
interfere with anything when the kernel is running. But I'm not 100% 
sure that the register-fiddling of the rescue code is completely 
harmless, so it would be nice if someone could confirm this.

In the meantime you could set it to a serial port that you don't use.  
(And I hope the register-fiddling doesn't affect any other interface 
sharing the same resources as the serial ports. Because then we need 
to fix it right away.)