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If you avoid using anything from libstdc++ (e.g., iostream and string) then you should be ok. However, if you want to use any of these standard classes you will get a dependency on a ~640 kB library. If your application is the only one written in C++, then you can avoid most of that by linking the application statically with libstdc++. It will still take some 50-100 kB extra depending on what you use.
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I was just wondering how good the c++ compiler is for the Etrax 100 LX? Does it add much to the code size (ie bytes stored in flash) or execution overhead? Its obviously based on the GNU compiler collection, so I assume its quite good?
I have written a driver using C, but am thinking about using C++ for the user space application, but won't be using templates/exceptions etc and am hoping to keep the size of the code down.
Jeremy Turner