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Re: Cross-compiling gphoto2-2.1.4 - adding libs to Axis?

Nathan.Smith@xxxxxxx.gov wrote:
> Now it complains
> about not being able to load  libpthread.so.0. In
> target/cris-axis-linux-gnu/lib I do have libpthreado.so, but it does not
> seem to make it into the image file because it is not on the Axis. Where
> do I tell the 'make images' which libraries to include from
> target/cris-*/lib?

Including the correct shared libraries should be taken care of when 
doing 'make images', provided that you have put the application in the 
target/cris-axis-linux-gnu directory.  If not, then add libpthread.so.0 
to target/cris-axis-linux-gnu/lib/romfs_meta.txt (and then 'make images').

Orjan Friberg
Axis Communications