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Re: Re: RS485 line turnaround

If you are working with an Axis-82/83, you may have
the same problem I did. On the board I received, the
chip at D15 is missing, and so is R72. Without those,
the RTS signal never gets to the D24 pin 3 & 2. I put
a jumper from pin 10 to pin 11 of D15, and it now does
work. By the way, jumper S5 comes from the factory in
position B, which means that pin 3 of D24 is tied to
pin 2. That means that the receiver is automatically
disabled when the transmitter is enabled. That means
you don't have to set the configure for "Disable
Receiver for RS485" (not an exact quote). Once I put
that jumper in, it worked.


Frank Brown
Phoenix Consulting
for Emerson Climate Technology