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Again: RS485 line turnaround

I went through the same frustration. I ended up
putting some very direct code in one place.
See the prior note about 9th bit routines.

By the way, I used the special RS485 Ioctl
stuff someone built in, not write(...).

> struct rs485_write      tx;
>       tx.outc_size = 7;
>       tx.outc = out_buff;
>       ioctl(serial_channel3, TIOCSERWRRS485, &tx);

Look for rs485.h for rs485_write & TIOCSERWRRS485.

I had to do the same bit by bit progress. Sometimes
it feels like the tale about "the kid hitting himself
in the head with a hammer cause it feels so good when
he quits" is not apochryphal at all. But even a herd
of turtles gets there sooner or later.

Good Luck

Frank Brown
Phoenix Consulting
for Emerson Climate Technology