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Strace for Axis?

It was recommended to me from the gphoto2-devel list to use strace to
try to find out what libraries gphoto2 was not able to find. However, I
can't find an strace for the Axis on my host or on the Axis itself. Any
recommendations for how to resolve:

> [root@AxisProduct /]4113# gphoto2
> *** Error (-4: 'Error loading a library') ***
> For debugging messages, please use the --debug option.
> <snip>

At this point I'm trying to compile gphoto2 with very minimal features.
It is rather confusing because I have no way of telling whether the
features are really disabled or not. I've tried compiling for my host
machine, then running strace on that, but it doesn't really look like
there are any changes in what libraries it wants.

For example, when I run this script:
./configure --without-exif \
        --without-libiconv-prefix \
        --withoutlibintl-prefix \
        --without-pthread \
        --without-cdk \
        --without-jpeg \
        --without-pkgconfig \
        --without-aalib \
        --without-popt \

And then do strace ./gphoto2, I still get a line that looks like:
open("/usr/lib/libjpeg.so.62", O_RDONLY) = 3 . I mean, I said
without-jpeg, what's the deal here?

If any ideas, thanks. Otherwise I'll hope for help from the
gphoto2-devel list.