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Checksum of image is wrong !

Iran 'make kernel' and 'make images' to create an new image for my
devboard_82 but when I try to flash (via ftp 'put fimage flash' ) I get an
error stating that the checksum is wrong and flash failed:

ftp> put fimage flash
200 Command okay.
150-Shutting down processes.
Preparing system for upgrade ...
Entering run level 4 ...
Waiting for processes to be stopped in runlevel 4 ...
... waiting ...
... waiting ...
In run level 4.
Stopping remaining processes.
   sending TERM signal ...
All processes stopped.
The file system will be upgraded after reboot.
Shutting down file system /var ...
Shutting down file system /mnt/flash ...
File systems successfully shut down.
150 Opening data connection.
214-Virtual target execution.
Receiving new firmware ...
Checksum of image is wrong!
The system upgrade failed.
The unit will now reboot.
214 Virtual target exit.
ftp: 7883803 bytes sent in 19.67Seconds 400.76Kbytes/sec.

I've flashed a few times before with no problems.

I also just did a clean install of the latest version of devboard_82
software and linux 2.4.26 kernel but still get the same errors.

What could be wrong ?


PS. Can this mailing list archive be downloaded or accessed using a nntp
The browser interface is awful.