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Re: DateTime lost between reboots.

You set the real time clock (rtc).

Something like

fd = open("/dev/rtc", O_RDONLY);

and then you fill in these:

struct rtc_time rtim;

rtim.tm_year =
rtim.tm_mon =
rtim.tm_mday =
rtim.tm_hour =
rtim.tm_min =
rtim.tm_sec =

and finally'

ioctl(fd, RTC_SET_TIME, &rtim);

There was an app that Axis provided that did this but I can't remember what its 


Randy Graham wrote:
> Hello,
> When I programmatically set the date/time on my devboard_82 using
> settimeofday() and reboot, the date/time resets to Apr 28 2000.
> How do I make the time I've set using settimeofday() 'stick' ?
> Thanks,
> -Randy