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Re: FW: Technique for field updates

On Mon, Sep 06, 2004 at 10:00:50AM -0400, Mark Richards wrote:
> Thanks Jonas.  I'll take a look at what's involved in doing this.  I'd need
> all the html stuff and /usr/sbin in this area.  If anyone has gone down this
> road before, it would be very helpful to know how they did it.

Eh, second thought: mounting the root partition read-write won't work, 
I'm afraid. The partition doesn't start on an erase block boundary.

Another solution would be to mount the jffs-partition on /usr instead 
of /mnt/flash (and change the etc-symlink. But then you'll have to 
move the read-only /usr/etc/ and /usr/share/axis-release/ (at least) 
to a location outside /usr.

The easiest way (and maybe also the ugliest way) would probably be to 
create symlinks /usr/bin -> /mnt/flash/somewhere and /usr/html -> 
/mnt/flash/somewhereelse in packages/filesystem/Makefile.