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RE: Stack and interrupt question

The default stack size in user space is 1 page of memory (8KB) but
it is expanded automatically when needed.

You can't really use interrupts in user space applications. Instead
you must have a kernel driver that puts the application to sleep until
the interrupt arrives. The application can then use e.g read() or
select() to wait for the driver to wake it up.

The easiest example I can think of is arch/cris/drivers/sync_serial.c.
In sync_serial_read() you'll find a interruptible_sleep_on which
will put the application to sleep until the interrupt occurs if
it reads in blocking mode. In tr_interrupt() you'll find the
corresponding wake_up_interruptible that will wake it up again.


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Hi all,
 I noticed some strange behavior with functions arguments in my software. I think it could be due to a stack problem.
What is the default stack size? How do I change this size?. I'm using 2.4.22 linux version, and Developer Board 82 Release 1.92 tools.

At the moment my software interact with external devices polling them. I'm planning to change this, and use interrupts instead of polling.
Unfortunately I don't know much about interruptions in C using the developer board. I really appreciate if someone could me send some basic
example code or point me to a good tutorial.

Thank you

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