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Regarding looping mails over the weekend

Dear all,

the mail "Re: Compilation of gnuTLS" that has been looping 
over the weekend appears to originate from a fault in a
Norwegian mail server.

Please stop sending complaints and threats to Simon Posnjak about this. 
It is most probably not their fault.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank John Bindby for
his excellent guide to unsubscribing from mailing lists :-)
Thank you, John!

If you have any comments about this incident, please direct them 
to me, or reply to this thread.

Best Regards
Fredrik Norrman
 Fredrik Norrman, M.Sc.E.E              Email: FredrikN@xxxxxxx.com
 Business Development Manager, OEM      Phone: +46-46-2721875
 Axis Communications                    Fax:   +46-46-136130
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