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Re: Fujitsu flash

On Tue, Sep 14, 2004 at 10:24:23PM +0200, Michael Boehmer wrote:
> Hi,
> after getting my first MCM board working (with MCM2+8) running and 
> booting, a first question arose:
> I have a MBM29LP640 flash memory (Fujitsu) as extension. What drivers do I 
> need to get it recognized? I must confess that I still stuck to Kernel 
> 2.4.22, and there I don't find this chip in the MTD driver source code.

MBM29LP640 ought to support CFI. I cannot access their datasheets 
right now so I'm not quite sure. But if it does, no device-specific 
code in MTD should be needed. The CFI-probe should detect it.