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Who is stealing my cpu cycles

Hi group,

I'm currently working on a project that uses a MCM.
I've created an server(application running on the MCM) that transports
data from the eth0 to a piece of firmware via the par0 port. Another
application on the other side of the link sends data with the speed of
about 6mbit.

looking at the network traffic with ethereal learned that the buffer on
the mcm is getting full (the returned window size is getting smaller and
smaller) and eventually the client side blocks because there is not
buffer space left on the server side.

The strange thing is that this happens after 1 or 2 hours.
My idea is that another process cuts in and steal some of the cpu
cycles. Yesterday I've increased the priority of the server process and
it ran for 6 hours.

The big question is WHAT process is stealing my cpu cycles ????

Thanx for your help,

I'm currently using the Developer Board 82 Software version 1.91 Kernel