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Crystal Controlled Oscillator

Does anybody have a recommendation for a 20.000MHz Crystal Controlled oscillator for the ETRAX 100LX MCM 4+16.
I've found some samples from Connor Winfield firm (HSM643), however i can't match the requirements of ETRAX clock signal in a healthy way because of the lack of information about Etrax clocks electrical specifications (only information i've found about clock signal is in Etrax "Electrical Information" tutorial on the 55th page, yet there isn't any electrical information about the clock signal-clkin's current requirements, voltage level of high and low levels of the clock signal, rise/fall time of the clock, etc.)
Ýs it an obligation to use a clock signal circuit as shown in the Serial Server reference design, can't we minimize the board size by using one chip instead of using the Schmiddt Trigger and the transistor circuit.
If we can, how much current does Etrax require through the "clkin" pin for a stable clock operation, what must be the high and low level voltage values of the clock signal, and what is the rise/fall time of the clock.
I'll be appreciated if someone guide me about this problem...
Best regards
Ahmet Ferit Cosan