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Re: Kernel module complying and unresolved symbol(s)

On Thu, 2004-09-23 at 12:17, Simon Posnjak wrote:
> > Does RTAI really use need to use floating-point arithmetic, or
> > is there a bug in the module you compile?  A missing cast
> > somewhere or something not constant?
> Sadly, it does need FP. 

If you have math support enabled it does, but otherwise it should not.
If it does anyway it should probably be fixed. Also, as long as you do
not actually load the rtai_math module I don't think it really matters
if math support is enabled or not.

The latency_rt test apparently does use floating point, but that does
_not_ mean that RTAI itself (apart form the math module) uses floating
point or that floating point is necessary for running applications that
uses RTAI. Also, the latency test does contain some #ifdefs for
CONFIG_RTAI_FPU_SUPPORT so you should make sure that this config option
is disabled.

Lars Viklund
Expert Software Engineer, Software Platforms
Axis Communications AB