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RE: Software equivalent BURN mode?

In theory it is possible to disable IRQs, DMAs, MMU etc and then
jump to a fixed location in the on-chip boot-ROM to do this. If you
want to try this you are on your own but we can provide the address
to jump to in the boot-ROM. For development purposes you could of 
course have two cards where one controls the buttons on the other 
using a relay.


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Subject: Software equivalent BURN mode?

Is there a software equivalent to enter the BURN mode (AXIS 83)?  I'd
not ftp to the unit and perform "put fimage flash_all" for each change.
This process takes more time.  I'd rather have a software equivalent of
pressing RESET+BURN and then release RESET.

If there is no equivalent, is there documentation that might permit
a utility to trigger this mode?

Mark Richards