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[offtopic] Small backtrace tool, betatesting

I'm looking for volunteers to help betatest my corefile backtrace 
analyser coretrace:

For an embedded project of mine I needed a minimalistic, small sized 
non-interactive corefile analyser for the system to do "self" 
diagnostics. Since corefiles are binary and my only feedback was 
textbased logfiles I needed to do the parsing in-place, by the system 

Ideally bundling gdb would be nice, but since it's way to big on disk 
for embedded systems this was not an option. Some googling neither 
didn't get me to what was needed, thus I created an application of my 
own. coretrace is a small tool (about 16kb) for parsing Linux ELF 
corefiles and print a backtrace of the crash to stdout.

It seems to work quite well but any reviewing is appreciated. Please 
have a look at:   http://www.arbetsmyra.dyndns.org/coretrace

/Ronny Nilsson

P.S. It's been ported to cris too.  :)