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I was wondering if anybody has had success using gdb to debug multiple threads on the Etrax 100LX?
I have currently got gdb 5.2 working moderately successfully, in conjunction with a host running Eclipse 3.0 + Red Hat 9 (Linux 2.4.20). I use gdbserver on the Etrax (Linux 2.4) via TCP/IP. From this I can step through/look at variables etc in Eclipse. gdb 5.2 also works from the command prompt.
My problem is gdb 5.2 doesn't allow multiple thread debugging. From what I understand versions 5.3 up do. I plan to install an upgraded version (possibly 6.2), and was wondering if it would be compatible with the Etrax 100 Lx? I read the README file in the /gdb/gdbserver in a gdb 6.2 distribution, and cris is not listed as a supported architecture. Has a port been done, and if so where can I find it?
Thanks for any help.
Jeremy Turner