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RE: Retrieving PNG images from Axis camera/server

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> Sent: 29 September 2004 16:23
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> Subject: Retrieving PNG images from Axis camera/server
> I have a requirement to be able to retrieve snapshot images 
> directly from an Axis camera/server in PNG format. I can 
> write a CGI script on the camera to retrieve a snapshot in 
> BMP format in response to an HTTP request, but I now need 
> to convert this to PNG format on the camera. As a Windows 
> developer with little or no Linux experience I am looking 
> for the easiest way to do this. Can anyone tell me if there 
> is a BMP->PNG conversion utility or graphics library that 
> I can use?

There a number of conversion utilities for Linux. Two of
them are netpbm and ImageMagick.

With netpbm:
bmptoppm myfile.bmp | pnmtopng > myfile.png

With ImageMagick:
convert myfile.bmp myfile.png

I have, however, no idea how much work it would be to port 
either to run in the camera. My guess is that the tools 
will require quite some flash and RAM, and probably take
a lot of time to actually perform the conversion.

> Thanks for your help,
> Alan Perrott
> Petards Ltd, UK.