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RE: usb memory stick

Here's what I did to mount a compact flash memory card.  Maybe this
information will help you?  My procedure probably needs work, but it may get
you started...

Setting up a Compact Flash Reader

Enable SCSI and USB File System support
Enable MSDOS partitions in Partition Types but do NOT enable MSDOS File
System in File System section

Must create device node in /dev for SCSI:

Add this to packages/devices/axis-2.4/Makefile (each line beginning with a

         $(MKNOD) -m 0664 -g disk   $(DEV)/sda       b   8   0
         $(MKNOD) -m 0664 -g disk   $(DEV)/sda1      b   8   1
         $(MKNOD) -m 0664 -g disk   $(DEV)/sda2      b   8   2
         $(MKNOD) -m 0664 -g disk   $(DEV)/sda3      b   8   3
         $(MKNOD) -m 0664 -g disk   $(DEV)/sda4      b   8   4

Perform a 'make install' in that directory, then make images and burn.

This will create the nodes in /dev

To make it work, you need to
1) Compile kernel with USB, SCSI, USB mass storage, DOS FAT fs, MSDOS fs,
VFAT fs, PC BIOS(MSDOS partitation table)
2) Add the /dev/sda, /dev/sda1, ...  into the
3) after boot, add the entries in /etc/fstab:
   /dev/sda1 /etc/usbcard vfat rw,auto,user,exec 0 0
   echo "scsi add-single-device 0 0 0 0" > /proc/scsi/scsi
   echo "scsi add-single-device 0 0 0 1" > /proc/scsi/scsi
   echo "scsi add-single-device 0 0 0 2" > /proc/scsi/scsi
   echo "scsi add-single-device 0 0 0 3" > /proc/scsi/scsi
   (the first digit may vary if you are using a USB hub)
5) run 'mount /dev/sda1'

Mark Richards

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> Subject: usb memory stick
> i am trying to get a fat32 formatted usb stick mounted on a
> devboard_82,
> but it keeps failing. i have compiled a few modules that i
> thought would
> be needed, and i see kernel messages that indicate that the stick was
> recognized, but the mount command fails.
> i did mknod -b 64 0 /tmp/xxx to create the device file in
> /tmp, and then
> tried to mount -t vfat, but it doesnt work.
> has anyone gotten the usb stick to work, and if so, can you tell me
> exactly what steps to follow - what kernel modules to compile in and
> what userland actions to take?
> thx
> akshay