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Re: usb memory stick

> Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 08:30:22 -0400
> From: Akshay Adhikari <akshay@xxxxxxx.com>

> i am trying to get a fat32 formatted usb stick mounted on a devboard_82, 
> but it keeps failing. i have compiled a few modules that i thought would 
> be needed, and i see kernel messages that indicate that the stick was 
> recognized, but the mount command fails.

Are you sure you've formatted the stick (fdisk, mkfs.vfat)?
Best done on your host system, so you don't have to put the
tools on the devboard_82.

Needed to read the partition table if you've formatted the stick
on a PC (as above, or the only way if you did it from an MS OS, I
think).  A common error (at least I've done it twice :-) to
leave it out for other than i386.

You also need CONFIG_VFAT_FS and CONFIG_FAT_FS and (but it
seems you already have them) CONFIG_USB_STORAGE, CONFIG_SCSI,
and (I think) CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SD.

I have a working USB stick setup, but I've included a few other
goodies and filesystems, so it might be confusing to include the
kernel config here (I'm no longer sure which config items are
unnecessary for just USB+VFAT).  Come back if you're still

> i did mknod -b 64 0 /tmp/xxx to create the device file in /tmp, and then 
> tried to mount -t vfat, but it doesnt work.

Try "-b 8 0" and "-b 8 1" for sda (the whole "disk") and sda1
(the first partition).

brgds, H-P