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RS-485 termination


We are testing RS422/RS485 communication using the Axis 83 devboard. We seem
to be able to communicate using RS485 4-wire without terminating any of the
devices (which should not be possible, even if we are testing over 1m of
cable ??). The datasheets (if I am using the correct one) shows that the
Axis83 uses a Max3483 driver for the ttyS3 synchronous port.

My questions are:
1) Does the Axis83 use the Max3483 tranceiver? Which are the correct
datasheets for the latest version?
2) What about termination. Do we have to terminate our tx/rx pairs? If not,
how do we remove termination as this will limit the capabilities of the
RS485 device. 3) Or are we simply experiencing fantastic operation of the
Max3483 chip under bad (incorrect) termination conditions?