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Re: dropbear v0.40

First off. You should update to v0.43. Matt writes on dropbear's home


  "New Security Update: Dropbear versions 0.42 and earlier have a bug in
  the DSS verification code, which may be remotely exploitable. All users
  with DSS and public-key authentication support compiled in are advised
  to upgrade to 0.43 (or later). (If anyone has thoughts on the
  exploitability of this bug, I'd be interested to hear)."

On Tue, 5 Oct 2004 mschapira@xxxxxxx.com wrote:

> Does the dropbear ssh server support remote file transfers?

Not directly. But don't dispair ;-)
`scp' requires the an `scp' on the target host too.

> I was able to compile it for devboard_lx v2.2.0. The secure shell works
> okay but I am unable to transfer a file.
> I get the following message.
> scp: No such file or directory on my computer.

There's no scp-lookalike application in <= 0.43 versions. 0.44 test
versions do include a dbclient. The file:



  0.44test3 - Fri Aug 27 22:20:54 +0800

  - scp works correctly when passed a username (fix for the dbclient
    program itself as well, "-lmatt" works as well as "-l matt").

But you can use something like this:

  # cat /from/path/<file name> | ssh -l <user name> <target host> \
      'cat > /to/path/<file name>'

with dropbear versions <= 0.43.