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RE: Fault addres from sigcontext

Do you mean the address of the inctruction that caused the fault
or the address that was accessed when the fault occured?
The first is in sc.regs.irp and the other in sc.regs.csraddr.
(when looking in arch/i36/mm/fault.c it looks like you want

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Hi all,

While porting Boehm GC to CRIS i ran in to a problem. In the function
GC_write_fault_handler which (surprisingly) handles write fault signal, 
I need to get the address on which the fault occurred. On i386 they do:

char * addr = (char *) (sc.cr2);

where sc is of type sigcontext (defined in 
linux/include/asm-i386/sigcontext.h). On ARM they do:

char * addr = (char *)sc.fault_address;

again the sc is of type sigcontext (defined in 

So on Cris I should do... What? Thank you.

		Regards Simon