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RE: Fault addres from sigcontext

V sre, 06.10.2004 ob 11:11 je Mikael Starvik napisal(a):
> Do you mean the address of the inctruction that caused the fault
> or the address that was accessed when the fault occured?
> The first is in sc.regs.irp and the other in sc.regs.csraddr.
> (when looking in arch/i36/mm/fault.c it looks like you want
> sc.regs.csraddr).
Hmm, good question... I also think that I need the second one. Thank

Next I need to know the stack bottom - cool end of the stack, which is
usually the highest address in the stack - the code tries to get it by
looking at the the value of __libc_stack_end or if that fails from 
/proc/self/stat (field  27). The value it gets (in both cases) is 
0x9FFFFEE0. Would this value be correct? (Is this a possible value for stack 

		Regards Simon