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Re: max_chunk_size

Finn Hakansson wrote:

> >
> > Did I understand right that maximum size of a chunk should actually depend on
> > the total size of the device rather than on the size of erasable block?
> A good question. To me, both the total size of the device and its
> sector size matter in this decision. I cannot come up with a good
> formula or definition though and I'd be more than happy if someone
> could give me feedback on how to do this. My instinct told me the
> today's solution was fair enough. :)

Yes, it seems to be.

> [...]
> Okey. Then one should compute how large the chunk of data should be
> in jffs_file_write(), set that size in the raw_inode struct and
> return the size written. The calling process should then make another
> write() with the rest of the data. How about that?

It is acceptable, but I think it is better if jffs_file_write() would split large
amount of data into several nodes of apropriate length and write them all. It is my
only (humble ;) ) opinion.