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Re: Garbage collection on nearly-full filesystem

bjorn.wesen@xxxxxxx.com said:
>  Yes, we've actually talked of this on this list a while ago.. :)

I know - but it hasn't bitten me till now, and I wasn't aware of the order 
of magnitude of the problem. 1.5 hours is a _lot_ of time to wait. :)

I should implement buffer writes rather than word writes - that'll cut it 
down by a factor of 16. 

bjorn.wesen@xxxxxxx.com said:
>  We're also considering compression but likewise, it would be best to
> make sure the system works fine (with re. to the O_APPEND issues,
> inode invalidation stuff etc).

Yep. I am definitely more concerned by the fact that on the occasion that I 
wasn't aware of what it was doing and pulled the plug, the filesystem had 
gone tits-up on reboot.