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Re: Garbage collection on nearly-full filesystem

On Sat, 15 Jul 2000, Finn Hakansson wrote:

> I'm not sure if you have applied a patch that Simon Kågström here
> at Axis found some time ago. He found that in jffs_fmalloc
> (in jffs_fm.c) a piece of code looked like this:

Yep, I applied that. This is running v1.7 of jffs_fm from my CVS - the
only thing that's missing which is present in the latest update is the
change to set fmc->sectorsize to mtd->erasesize rather than defaulting to

I've got two partitions on the flash now - I'll download a root filesystem
into the 'spare' partition and transfer the entire contents of the current
root onto a PC where I can poke at them.

The annoying thing is that I was playing with the spare partition when I
suddenly powered it down to see what happened - I wasn't actually writing
to the root partition which is now corrupted. Or so I thought :(