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Re: Killing JFFS under 2.2

scote1@xxxxxxx.com said:
>  I'm not sure how this was implemented but IMHO you shouldn't start
> writing in the middle of a sector.  An inode can begin in the middle
> of a sector if the beginning of that sector has already been used. 

The beginning of the sector _has_ already been used.

The image which was left on the flash when I powered down looks like this:

|   0xff  | 0x00  |    DATA   | 0xff  |  DATA   |    0xff     |
0      0x40000    |        0x2cde8c   |     0x2f5e58       0xf00000
               0x417c4             0x2cfec8

The sector in question runs from 0x2c0000 to 0x2e0000, and it's only the 
space from 0x2cde8c to 0x2cfec8 which is empty. The rest holds JFFS nodes 
which appear to be valid.

For some reason, though, jffs_scan_flash() ends up with fmc->head->offset 
being 0x2cfec8, which means that jffs_erasable_size() always fails.

scote1@xxxxxxx.com said:
>  Did you change the fmc->sectorsize to match the actual size of the
> erase sectors on your flash ? 

I believe that change is already in the CVS tree, yes. But even if it 
wasn't, that wouldn't explain the existence of a node at 0x2cfec8 - that's 
not aligned on 64KB either.