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Re: Killing JFFS under 2.2

David Woodhouse wrote:
> scote1@xxxxxxx.com said:
> >  This is even worse, no ?  I can't see why the middle of a sector
> > would be empty. fmc->head->offset if probably set to 0x2cfec8 since it
> > sees no data in front of it when it scans (I would have to check how
> > this is set).
> The empty space is exactly 0x203c bytes - i.e. sizeof(jffs_node) + 4096.
> Is it possible that the space was allocated for a new node, then the node
> wasn't actually written to the flash before GC kicked in from another
> thread and wrote lots of data after the newly-allocated space?

I suppose it's possible but that would make the bug very hard to

If you fill up the empty space between 0x2cde8f and 0x2cfe8c _with 0x00_
(make it dirty), is the partition mounted correctly ?

Sébastien Côté