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Re: jffs_delete_data() doesn't split nodes when it should.

alex@xxxxxxx.se said:
>  I'm unforunately on vacation preparing to move to Stockholm, so i
> can't help.

No problem. I'm spamming the list just in case anyone with a clue feels 
like jumping in and telling me what I'm doing wrong :)

I've already reverted my original 'fix' to jffs_read_data() - having
realised that the node list which it's going through isn't just a list of
the physical nodes on the flash, but is in fact _intended_ to be split up
correctly  - in ascending order and non-overlapping.

Now I just have to make that intention come true. I've committed my fix to 
jffs_delete_data(), so if the nodes on the flash are correct, it should be 
loaded correctly. I'll try to fix the write case tomorrow, unless someone 
else does so in the meantime.