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Re: using jffs as root filesystem

I checked and /dev/console does exists on the jffs flash.
Using mkfs.jffs, I created an image that I burned to flash.
Then I booted up the kernel off the ramdisk using ext2 fs.

Then I did the following:
(1) mknod /dev/mtdblock3 b 31 3  (minor = 3 is just the way the
                                  flash is chopped up.  The image
                                  is in the 4th "partition".)
(2) mount -t jffs /dev/kelly /mnt

It mounts successfully and I can see the files.  One thing that
seems odd is when I go into /mnt/dev.  The first time I do an
'ls' I get the following (here's only a snippet):
[root@Linux dev]$ls
  f->size: 0
  f->size: 0
  f->size: 0
  f->size: 0
  f->size: 0
  f->size: 0
  f->size: 0
hdb       f->size: 0
    ftla  f->size: 0
5         f->size: 0
ftlc13    f->size: 0
    ftlf  f->size: 0
5         f->size: 0
ftlh13    f->size: 0
    ftlk  f->size: 0
ftlm1  f->size: 0
3      n  f->size: 0
ftla5     f->size: 0
   nftlc  f->size: 0
13     n  f->size: 0
ftlf5     f->size: 0
   nftlh  f->size: 0
13     n  f->size: 0
n  f->size: 0
ftlm13    f->size: 0
   mtdbl  f->size: 0
ock1   m  f->size: 0
td15      f->size: 0
   hda8   f->size: 0
       f  f->size: 0
tla4      f->size: 0
   ftlc1  f->size: 0
ftlf4  f->size: 0
       f  f->size: 0
tlh12     f->size: 0
   ftlk4  f->size: 0
       f  f->size: 0
tlm12     f->size: 0
   nftla  f->size: 0
4      n  f->size: 0
  f->size: 0
nftlf4    f->size: 0
    nftl  f->size: 0
h12       f->size: 0
nftlk4    f->size: 0
    nftl  f->size: 0
m12       f->size: 0
mtdr1     f->size: 0
    mtdb  f->size: 0
  f->size: 0
hda7      f->size: 0
    ftla  f->size: 0
3         f->size: 0
ftlc11    f->size: 0
    ftlf  f->size: 0
3         f->size: 0
ftlh11    f->size: 0
    ftlk  f->size: 0
ftlm1  f->size: 0
1      n  f->size: 0
ftla3     f->size: 0
   nftlc  f->size: 0
11     n  f->size: 0
ftlf3     f->size: 0
   nftlh  f->size: 0
11     n  f->size: 0
n  f->size: 0
ftlm11    f->size: 0
  <and some more...>

It seems to me to do this for most of the files in /dev,
one notable exception being /dev/console.

But after this first 'ls', other ls's seem to work like
normal.  Is this ok, or is it indicative of some sort 
of problem.

Thanks for any help,
   -- kelly

BTW, here is the results of the second 'ls' in /mnt/dev.
[root@Linux dev]$ls
hdb         ftla5       ftlc13      ftlf5       ftlh13      ftlk5
ftlm13      nftla5      nftlc13     nftlf5      nftlh13     nftlk5
nftlm13     mtdblock1   mtd15       hda8        ftla4       ftlc12
ftlf4       ftlh12      ftlk4       ftlm12      nftla4      nftlc12
nftlf4      nftlh12     nftlk4      nftlm12     mtdr1       mtdblock14
hda7        ftla3       ftlc11      ftlf3       ftlh11      ftlk3
ftlm11      nftla3      nftlc11     nftlf3      nftlh11     nftlk3
nftlm11     mtd1        mtdr14      hda6        ftla2       ftlc10
ftlf2       ftlh10      ftlk2       ftlm10      nftla2      nftlc10
nftlf2      nftlh10     nftlk2      nftlm10     mtdblock0   mtd14
hda5        ftla1       ftlc9       ftlf1       ftlh9       ftlk1
ftlm9       nftla1      nftlc9      nftlf1      nftlh9      nftlk1
nftlm9      mtdr0       mtdblock13  hda4        ftla        ftlc8
ftlf        ftlh8       ftlk        ftlm8       nftla       nftlc8
nftlf       nftlh8      nftlk       nftlm8      mtd0        mtdr13
hda3        zero        ftlc7       ftle15      ftlh7       ftlj15
ftlm7       ftlo15      nftlc7      nftle15     nftlh7      nftlj15
nftlm7      nftlo15     mtd13       hda2        urandom     ftlc6
ftle14      ftlh6       ftlj14      ftlm6       ftlo14      nftlc6
nftle14     nftlh6      nftlj14     nftlm6      nftlo14     mtdblock12
hda1        ttyS1       ftlc5       ftle13      ftlh5       ftlj13
ftlm5       ftlo13      nftlc5      nftle13     nftlh5      nftlj13
nftlm5      nftlo13     mtdr12      hda         ttyS0       ftlc4
ftle12      ftlh4       ftlj12      ftlm4       ftlo12      nftlc4
nftle12     nftlh4      nftlj12     nftlm4      nftlo12     mtd12
flh3        ttyP3       ftlc3       ftle11      ftlh3       ftlj11
ftlm3       ftlo11      nftlc3      nftle11     nftlh3      nftlj11
nftlm3      nftlo11     mtdblock11  flh2        ttyP2       ftlc2
ftle10      ftlh2       ftlj10      ftlm2       ftlo10      nftlc2
nftle10     nftlh2      nftlj10     nftlm2      nftlo10     mtdr11
flh1        ttyP1       ftlc1       ftle9       ftlh1       ftlj9
ftlm1       ftlo9       nftlc1      nftle9      nftlh1      nftlj9
nftlm1      nftlo9      mtd11       flh0        ttyP0       ftlc
ftle8       ftlh        ftlj8       ftlm        ftlo8       nftlc
nftle8      nftlh       nftlj8      nftlm       nftlo8      mtdblock10
fb7         tty8        ftlb15      ftle7       ftlg15      ftlj7
ftll15      ftlo7       nftlb15     nftle7      nftlg15     nftlj7
nftll15     nftlo7      mtdr10      fb6         tty7        ftlb14
ftle6       ftlg14      ftlj6       ftll14      ftlo6       nftlb14
nftle6      nftlg14     nftlj6      nftll14     nftlo6      mtd10
fb5         tty6        ftlb13      ftle5       ftlg13      ftlj5
ftll13      ftlo5       nftlb13     nftle5      nftlg13     nftlj5
nftll13     nftlo5      mtdblock9   fb4         tty5        ftlb12
ftle4       ftlg12      ftlj4       ftll12      ftlo4       nftlb12
nftle4      nftlg12     nftlj4      nftll12     nftlo4      mtdr9
fb3         tty4        ftlb11      ftle3       ftlg11      ftlj3
ftll11      ftlo3       nftlb11     nftle3      nftlg11     nftlj3
nftll11     nftlo3      mtd9        fb2         tty3        ftlb10
ftle2       ftlg10      ftlj2       ftll10      ftlo2       nftlb10
nftle2      nftlg10     nftlj2      nftll10     nftlo2      mtdblock8
fb1         tty2        ftlb9       ftle1       ftlg9       ftlj1
ftll9       ftlo1       nftlb9      nftle1      nftlg9      nftlj1
nftll9      nftlo1      mtdr8       fb0         tty1        ftlb8
ftle        ftlg8       ftlj        ftll8       ftlo        nftlb8
nftle       nftlg8      nftlj       nftll8      nftlo       mtd8
console     tty0        ftlb7       ftld15      ftlg7       ftli15
ftll7       ftln15      nftlb7      nftld15     nftlg7      nftli15
nftll7      nftln15     mtdblock7   tty         ftlb6       ftld14
ftlg6       ftli14      ftll6       ftln14      nftlb6      nftld14
nftlg6      nftli14     nftll6      nftln14     mtdr7       random
ftlb5       ftld13      ftlg5       ftli13      ftll5       ftln13
nftlb5      nftld13     nftlg5      nftli13     nftll5      nftln13
mtd7        ram3        ftlb4       ftld12      ftlg4       ftli12
ftll4       ftln12      nftlb4      nftld12     nftlg4      nftli12
nftll4      nftln12     mtdblock6   ram2        ftlb3       ftld11
ftlg3       ftli11      ftll3       ftln11      nftlb3      nftld11
nftlg3      nftli11     nftll3      nftln11     mtdr6       ram1
ftlb2       ftld10      ftlg2       ftli10      ftll2       ftln10
nftlb2      nftld10     nftlg2      nftli10     nftll2      nftln10
mtd6        ram0        ftlb1       ftld9       ftlg1       ftli9
ftll1       ftln9       nftlb1      nftld9      nftlg1      nftli9
nftll1      nftln9      mtdblock5   ptmx        ftlb        ftld8
ftlg        ftli8       ftll        ftln8       nftlb       nftld8
nftlg       nftli8      nftll       nftln8      mtdr5       null
ftla15      ftld7       ftlf15      ftli7       ftlk15      ftln7
nftla15     nftld7      nftlf15     nftli7      nftlk15     nftln7
mtd5        kmem        mem         ftla14      ftld6       ftlf14
ftli6       ftlk14      ftln6       nftla14     nftld6      nftlf14
nftli6      nftlk14     nftln6      mtdblock4   initctl     hdb8
ftla13      ftld5       ftlf13      ftli5       ftlk13      ftln5
nftla13     nftld5      nftlf13     nftli5      nftlk13     nftln5
mtdr4       pts         hdb7        ftla12      ftld4       ftlf12
ftli4       ftlk12      ftln4       nftla12     nftld4      nftlf12
nftli4      nftlk12     nftln4      mtd4        root        hdb6
ftla11      ftld3       ftlf11      ftli3       ftlk11      ftln3
nftla11     nftld3      nftlf11     nftli3      nftlk11     nftln3
mtdblock3   fb          hdb5        ftla10      ftld2       ftlf10
ftli2       ftlk10      ftln2       nftla10     nftld2      nftlf10
nftli2      nftlk10     nftln2      mtdr3       mtdblock16  hdb4
ftla9       ftld1       ftlf9       ftli1       ftlk9       ftln1
nftla9      nftld1      nftlf9      nftli1      nftlk9      nftln1
mtd3        mtdr16      hdb3        ftla8       ftld        ftlf8
ftli        ftlk8       ftln        nftla8      nftld       nftlf8
nftli       nftlk8      nftln       mtdblock2   mtd16       hdb2
ftla7       ftlc15      ftlf7       ftlh15      ftlk7       ftlm15
nftla7      nftlc15     nftlf7      nftlh15     nftlk7      nftlm15
mtdr2       mtdblock15  hdb1        ftla6       ftlc14      ftlf6
ftlh14      ftlk6       ftlm14      nftla6      nftlc14     nftlf6
nftlh14     nftlk6      nftlm14     mtd2        mtdr15
[root@Linux dev]$

--- Philipp Rumpf <prumpf@xxxxxxx.org> wrote:
> > Warning: unable to open an initial console.
> This is bad.  It means your init starts without any fds connected to
> stdin,
> stdout, and stderr.  This might be corrupting things.
> Can you check /dev/console exists on your jffs flash ?

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