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Question concerning jffs_insert_node

I've been lurking on the list for awhile (no questions to ask that I can't
answer myself, and nothing to add just yet), but now have come upon a
question for which I don't want to assume anything about.

In jffs_insert_node, there is the following code for insertion:

	else if ((f->highest_version < node->version)
	     || (node->version == 0)) {
	    /* Insert at the end of the list.  I.e. this node is the
             oldest one so far.  */


I've noticed while stepping through the code that a new raw_inode with a
higher version number than others gets inserted in this section.  So, I'm
confused - is the comment incorrect, or is the code incorrectly placing a
new version in the list as if it were the oldest version?