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Re: Background garbage collection

brad@xxxxxxx.com said:
>  Does JFFS now require the gc thread (what if I disabled the gc thread
> - would JFFS still work fine)?

If you disable the GC thread, JFFS should still work fine (as long as you 
wait for me to commit the patches I'm working on right now. :)

When you want to write to the filesystem but it's out of space, it will 
then try garbage collection until either there's enough space, or it can't 
garbage collect any more.

The background GC thread is just an optimisation, to free up space in 
advance, so that your processes don't have to wait for the GC to happen.

You can kill the thread completely by sending it a SIGQUIT, or you can
temporarily disable it by sending it a SIGSTOP and later send it a SIGCONT
when you want it to start up again. If someone wants to make that a mount 
option, so it doesn't even get created when you mount with '-o nogcthread',
then feel free.