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Re: Garbage collection problems.

David Woodhouse wrote:

> I'm trying to track down a problem where the amount of free space as
> calculated by fmc->flash_size - (fmc->used_size + fmc->dirty_size) becomes
> zero, causing the filesystem to become 'stuck' - you can't even delete
> anything to make space.
> Unmounting and remounting appears to fix it, and I'm fairly convinced it's
> merely an accounting problem.
> I've put in some checks, and it appears that the free size as calculated
> with the above formula isn't always equal to the value of:
>  jffs_free_size1(fmc) + jffs_free_size2(fmc)
> Is that ever supposed to happen?
> --
> dwmw2

When the amount of free space is calculated, the minimum free flash size is
subtracted: jffs_free_size1(fmc) + jffs_free_size2(fmc) - fmc->min_free_size