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Re: Choice of min_free_size

bjornw@xxxxxxx.com said:
>  Ouch.. yes. Somehow maybe the GC needs to tally the nodes in the
> sector it's trying to erase _before_ moving any of them, to figure out
> how much it can use.

The arithmetic I posted seems to help, as a first attempt - i.e. don't 
write a larger node than the one we're obsoleting if there's not enough 
free space to copy all the other nodes in the tail.

Note that we're also getting rid of holes in the files too - which isn't 
good - if you write a single byte to location 0, and a single byte to 
196607, then when that gets GC'd you may well end up with a 196608-byte 
chunk full of mainly zeroes, where before you only had two bytes and two 

bjornw@xxxxxxx.com said:
> I just got our 2.4 Linux port up and running, so I'll start trying to
> get JFFS 2.4 to run on that :)


> Only thing that bugs me is the lack of partitioning support in mtd (if
> that's still the case).

I have partitions of a kind on the device I'm using. It's a but of a hack 
but it seemed like the simplest way to do it. See pnc2000.c for details.