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Re:JFFS on Compact Flash

(forwarded to jffs-dev since more people will know there)

On Thu, 17 Aug 2000, Andrew Irwin wrote:
> pcm5820 SBC)that uses compact flash and I was wondering if JFFS or MTD 
> supports this kind of flash media.  Currently we mount it as an IDE
> device with e2fs partitions.  Do compact flashes have any other
> operating
> modes other than IDE, or can compact flashes be access in any way other
> than through and IDE interface?   We have looked at using reiser, but it
> is designed for larger disks.

I don't know if you can put them in any other interface mode. JFFS can
work with block-devices like that, but not in the current version any
more. We're trying to add support for NAND-flashes though that do have a
block interface (albeit not IDE in particular) and in the same procudure
we could add support to this perhaps if it's useful (someone who actually
has compactflash stuff needs to do it though :)