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Re: JFFS on Compact Flash

> > modes other than IDE, or can compact flashes be access in any way other
> > than through and IDE interface?   We have looked at using reiser, but it
> > is designed for larger disks.
> I don't know if you can put them in any other interface mode. JFFS can
> work with block-devices like that, but not in the current version any
> more. We're trying to add support for NAND-flashes though that do have a
> block interface (albeit not IDE in particular) and in the same procudure
> we could add support to this perhaps if it's useful (someone who actually
> has compactflash stuff needs to do it though :)

Compact flash does all the wear levelling and magic itself. You can turn that
off on a few cards but not in general. The exiting disk oriented journalling
file systems dont realyl work well with it as it already has a low write