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user-mode JFFS version

Did anyone ever think on making a user-mode wrapper around JFFS to be able
to develop and debug it in user-mode ? 

I envision something like we put a conditional around the #include's in
each JFFS file, but apart from that the JFFS sources are the same. But
when you choose user-mode compile, we have a special .h file and a .c file
that links with the sources to simulate VFS and the MTD device (and
semaphores, if necessary...)

Only problem as I see it is that we'd need to get the actual VFS
operations to use for the test as input from somewhere.. could be a
script-file with commands to test.. would that be useful or do we really
need for example the User-mode port of the entire kernel ? :) 

FYI in our own environment, we have a CPU simulator that runs at about 12
MIPS simulated where we can boot the whole kernel and filesystems in. But
it would be easier to just have a user-program for JFFS...