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Re: jffs HOWTO ?

On lun, 04 sep 2000 15:40:04 David Woodhouse wrote:
> n0made@xxxxxxx.fr said:
> >  This is certainly a FAQ, but can someone tell me how to replace an
> > existing setup booting on an ftl ext2 by a jffs one, or point me on
> > available documentation
> How does it boot? I don't think anyone's yet done a bootloader which is 
> capable of loading a kernel from JFFS. It's not difficult, though.
> Are you using the FTL code in the 2.4 kernel?

Currently it uses the ftl code for the 2.0.38 kernel (uClinux). It boots
reading the compressed kernel from ext2 ( la lilo). I want to try replacing
ext2 by jffs.