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Re: Putting small JFFS images in big devices

dvrabel@xxxxxxx.uk said:
> While attempting to track down a problem I copied a JFFS image from a
> 8Mibyte device and put it in a 14Mibyte device. 

JFFS likes to have only one area of free space. When you did that, it ended 
up with two areas of free space - one in the middle of the 8MiB you copied, 
and obviously the extra 6MiB at the end. So it got very confused.

Don't do that then. :)

Actually, once we've started making it deal with erase blocks individually, 
keeping a list of free/full/dirty/etc. blocks, it'll be able to cope with 
that - but it'll get fairly confused if you change erase block size :)

dvrabel@xxxxxxx.uk said:
>  Also, can you have MTD devices in RAM? If so how? 

insmod mtdram total_size=8192