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Keeping JFFS metadata separated from data.

Hi all,

  Has anyone experimented with keeping the JFFS-metadata separated from the
actual data, i.e on a completely different device? Given that this second
device is 'fail-safe' would this simplify matters? Could the JFFS code
itself and/or the data it writes be made more compact?

  I've got a new device here with 512KB SRAM w/ battery-backup (memory
mapped) which I wan't to use to I want to implement an FS on NAND flash
which has to be stable in the face of sutten power failures. I'll
investigate this possibily after I've checked if it would work to keep the
kernel-cache specifically stored in my SRAM yet I don't want to be to
'clever' considering some other poor chap will have to support my code.