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Re: Finalized TODO list for NAND and JFFS...

sjhill@xxxxxxx.com said:
> If you were to utilize the partitioning method in the 'pnc2000.c' as
> we discussed earlier and place a "superblock" of sorts at the
> beginning of the JFFS image that contained a linked list of where the
> nodes are located either logically offset within the MTD partition or
> physically addressed in the flash. This "superblock" would be a
> pre-allocated size created when the JFFS image is built on the host
> platform. That's a really quick idea with not a whole lot of technical
> accuracy.

Too many writes to it. Keep it in a special jffs_node in the main 
filesystem, perhaps. Still have to scan for the latest one, though. Perhaps 
put one _only_ at the beginning of an erase block, nowhere else. Then it's 
quick to find the latest one, and also you know which blocks were written 
_after_ the checkpoint (nodes have mtime).