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Re: Soft-Updates for Linux ?

andersen@xxxxxxx.org said:
>  Unless someone fixed it recently, when jffs was ported to 2.4, it
> lost the ability to run on block devices and can currently only
> operate via the mtd layer. In the 2.0.x kernels, it could target block
> devices.

> For things like disk-on-module (ide flash disks) it would be nice to
> use it on general block devices as well, since many dom vendors (i.e.
> sandisk) do not do wearleveling in hardware (they instead keep a few
> spare blocks in reserve), 

It's not that hard to fix it. People are already looking at implementing
write gathering into 512-byte sectors _anyway_, in order to support NAND
flash devices. 

Patches willingly accepted, although I'm not intending to make any more 
changes to the stable JFFS code which is now in -test9. Except possibly to 
remove the CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL dependency.