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Re: Re: Suggestion: Read-Only mount - No gc

On Thu, 12 Oct 2000, Dan wrote:

> I will figure out the "mount -orw,remount". Whatever that means
> and let you know. :-).

Sorry, should I have been less terse? You can 'remount' filesystems
read-write when they were previously read-only. If you do so with your
patch in place, you'll find that you have no GC thread.

It would be nice to make it start the GC thread (if it's not already
running) when the filesystem is remounted read-write, and also to make it
_stop_ the GC thread when the filesystem is remounted read-only. 

Note that you only need to STOP the GC thread in the latter case, not kill
it. And that restarting the GC thread upon 'mount -orw,remount' is useful
even then the filesystem was _already_ read-write, because you can kill
the GC thread directly by sending it the right signal.

> I have created a cache to speed up mounting of read-only
> partitions. 

Nice. Have you given any thought to just how much you can shrink the
amount of data you cache? Surely a set of (ino,ver,address) tuples should
be sufficient? Perhaps you'd want to store pino and name too, and maybe
the data_size, data_offset and removed_size of each node.