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Re: Re: Re: Suggestion: Read-Only mount - No gc

> > I have created a cache to speed up mounting of read-only
> > partitions. 
> Nice. Have you given any thought to just how much you can shrink the
> amount of data you cache? Surely a set of (ino,ver,address) tuples 
> should
> be sufficient? Perhaps you'd want to store pino and name too, and 
> the data_size, data_offset and removed_size of each node.

I thought about saving less data, but I was not hurting for
space. My erase_size is 256K. The cache requires one erase unit,
even with the 20 Meg partition I only consumed about 100K of
the cache's erase unit.

Therefore, I decided against creating a second set of data
structures. It was simpler to read/write the existing ones.
This also makes it easier to save any future fields in the
data structures; that is, no changes required unless the
new fields are pointers.

If memory for the cache becomes a problem then I will
have to consider compacting the stored data. Time considerations
required the less optimal solution.

Dan McDonald
The Late Night Software Shop 
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