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Re: Questions on JFFS_PROC_FS....


I added the two files jffs_proc.h and jffs_proc.c some time ago and
the code worked just fine in Linux 2.0. I guess one has to fiddle a
little to get it to work fine with other versions of Linux, i.e.
the kernels you're using.


On Wed, 25 Oct 2000, Steven J. Hill wrote:

> Greetings.
> I thought it would be useful to get the entries in /proc working
> for JFFS. The first problem I ran into was an undefined function
> 'memcpy_tofs' which I replaced with 'copy_to_user'. After my
> board is up and /proc is mounted, I have '/proc/jffs/1f:00' for
> a directory structure with to entries 'layout' and 'info'. If I
> try to do a 'cat' on either one of them it sends my board off
> into the land of perpetual bits. Has anyone had better luck than
> this? Thanks.
> -Steve

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