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Write support with JFFS and NAND now working...


I thought I would let people know that write support is now
working with JFFS and NAND flash. I was able to do 'cp', 'mv'
and 'rm' with no problems. I could mount/umount and the
changes made to the filesystem worked. SPECIAL NOTE: Process
synchronization has not been implemented i.e. spinlocks and
waitqueues. It is NOT currently process/thread safe. I will
have this implemented hopefully by the end of the day or
early tomorrow morning my time. Enjoy.


 Steven J. Hill - Embedded SW Engineer
 Public Key: 'finger sjhill@xxxxxxx.com'
 FPR1: E124 6E1C AF8E 7802 A815
 FPR2: 7D72 829C 3386 4C4A E17D

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